To achieve the goal of providing exceptional education services to students with significant developmental challenges, Special Connections Academy needs the active support of sponsors committed to our mission. The nature of the challenges of the students we serve, require expert human resource, small teacher/student ratios, specific furniture and infrastructure, individualized curriculums and materials, among other costs of operation. Ourprogram proves to be a great monetary cost to some households, and we recognize the necessity and opportunity to make our tuition affordable and/or provide scholarships to qualifying families.

Special Connections Academy Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, making your donation tax deductible.

Please consider making a donation

We hope the opportunity to get involved in Special Connections Academy’s mission will inspire your business and organization to broaden the opportunities for disabled individuals to reach their full potential and become an integral part of society once they reach adulthood.
Your donation will be used to provide staff and parent training, to ease cost of field trips, to acquire new equipment, buy school supplies. You can also subscribe to a recurrent contribution.
Make a Special Connection with a family by donating any amount towards the total tuition cost. Please contact the Administrative Director for more details.
Our students will benefit from anything you can donate, from office supplies to furniture, smart boards, books, sensory toys , gift cards… Everything helps! Here is a link to SPC Amazon’s Wish List.
Are you passionate about something and believe our students will benefit from it? Feel free to donate materials and training to introduce our students to your favorite hobby. Contact the Educational Director to develop this project.
Help us accomplish our mission by partnering with SPC Academy. Share your skill or volunteer your time with us. Contact us!