A Day At Special Connections

Our students will participate in a combination of structured and semi-structured academic and special activities based on student’s individual needs. The program focus is primarily on socio-emotional development and relationship building, therefore helping our students remain regulated and connected is infused in every part of the day.  

Arrival/Unpack: Students will work on independence goals, unpacking their backpacks and putting away their belongings. This is also a time to get their mind and bodies ready for the day.

Morning Meeting: Students will work on calendar concepts, current events, read alouds and social interactions.  

Snack/Lunch: Students will work on independence goals, making choices and social communication in a natural learning environment.

Academic Center: Students will receive instruction in core academic subjects. The format of the activities will depend on the developmental level of the students and could vary from sensory to symbolic based work.

Floortime: Students will receive individualized opportunity to work on initiation, engagement, reciprocity and problem solving.  

Playground: Students can enjoy fun games outside with their peers and/or teachers.

Sensory Regulation: Students will work on relaxing their bodies with breathing, yoga or bonding exercises using music and visual projections.

Specials: Students will be exposed to an array of activities such as sensory art, physical education, adapted sports, music, dance, yoga and mindfulness, sensory movement and more.

Community Based Instruction (CBI): Students will work on specific individual goals such as appropriate behavior, managing anxiety, communication skills, making purchases, handling money and interacting with the community.

Interest Groups: Students will participate in activities such as cooking, gardening, field trips and leisure outings to develop independence and personal interests.
It takes unimaginable strength to continually endure, persist and overcome. People with disabilities aren’t weak. They are the strongest human beings you’ll ever meet.